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premeditated. chris gordon joins us live in rockville with a look at what it takes to prove if the murder could have been planned. chris? >> reporter: first degree premeditated murder is about intent. did she intent to kill her when she called to have her reopen the lululemon store? today, prosecutors focused on the lies she told trying to cover up her involvement in the killing. a police officer testified he noticed an injury on her right hand when he first saw her at suburban hospital on march 12th, like when you are injured using a blade. on the stand, he showed norwood's pants with a slit down the front. she claimed she had been raped. a nurse testified her lacerations were superficial, more like scratches. they recorded an interview with her in the hospital. she was crying and sobbing of attacks from men wearing masks. the shorter one grabbed her by the hair. norwood tried to help jana. she said she's never seen so much blood. when asked details she said i don't know, i'm sorry. the detective had no reason to believe norwood was anything baa traumatized victim at that time. evidence has be
, the organizers of this event here at freedom plaza are at this hour meeting with representatives of the u.s. park police to determine what happens next now that the four-day permit for the use of freedom plaza expired. before they left, the organizers told this crowd they are going nowhere until they are ready to leave. the organizing group took down the stage where they led rallies, made speeches. they cleaned up freedom plaza. their four-day permit expired last night and were told to leave by 2:00 p.m. >> we haven't gotten threats. we don't think they are going to come in. doing that would be a big mistake. it would result in more people coming to support us. >> reporter: people piled backpacks and bed rolls for safekeeping if they are taken to jail. they have written the phone numbers on their arms to reach legal representatives. they intend to stay. a disabled vietnam veteran is protesting against the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the possibility of your getting arrested? >> 100%. >> reporter: meaning? >> 100% that i will get arrested. >> reporter: do you want to be arrested? >> yes. >> repor
and metal merchandise bar were showed to the jury. norwood used them on a fatal beating. the defense lawyer got the evidence technician to admit the items were not separately bagged but put together on a tool kit and blood could have been transferred from one to the other contaminating the evidence. prosecutors are asking the jury to find her guilty of first degree premeditated murder. the defense admits norwood killed jana murray, but says it was in a heated argument where she lost control and it was not premeditated. this case is expected to go to the jury next week. back to you in the studio. >> all right. chris gordon, thank you. pat? >>> a shooting at burger king in frederick has remained a mystery until now. police announced today they caught a suspect in a slaying last march. the burger king manager, a 32-year-old was discovered in the back of the restaurant. jane watrel joins us now with more on how police cracked this case. jane? >> police say it took thousands of hours sifting through clues and working with state and federal authorities. today, they revealed, they have a suspect,
cousin. they were talking about targeting the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. that was in the spring. they got the idea of offering money to members of mexican drug cartels on the theory, they said, that those folks would be willing to commit crimes for money. so arbabsiar made several trips to mexico, thought he was meeting with a representative of a mexican drug cartel who was, in fact, an informant for the dea. so these conversations continued over several months. twice arbabsiar arranged for a total of $100,000 to be wired to this informant. and the informant had told him that it would cost $1.5 million to carry out this assassination plot. finally, arbabsiar was arrested at kennedy airport september 29th. within four hours of being given his miranda warning the government says he began to cooperate and told all. saying that he had talked with members of the iranian revolutionary guard about this and that they kept demanding that he take some action. so for all these reasons, the attorney general said today that this was an act that originated with officials in iran. here's how h
across the floor and get out of there. the panel electrocuted me on the way out. i was using force to get up the stairs. the fire was chasing me up the steps. how could something burn so fast? >> reporter: as you can see, he's really upset. he's trying to get help from the red cross. he lost everything he owns and hoe has his insulin in the house. he can't get inside to get it because everything is burned. firefighters are investigating what caused it. you heard it from the homeowner. he says he's grateful to be alive. live here in bethesda, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >>> a man admitted to assaulting two women. he had to register as a sex offender in virginia for punishment. now, accused of using facebook to lure a young girl in his home. julie carey has the story. >> reporter: he's 20 years old. already, he had a record that's landed him on the exoffender registry. now, he uses facebook to find his latest victim, a 13-year-old girl. these court records indicate three times in less than a year, he was arrested for sexual activity. search warrant affidavit said the latest was
, you know, out of the ordinary. >> reporter: this used to be known as the lutheran home. now they call it the villages at rockville. it's like a small town with 350 residents. something like this, something like this most disturbing. >> i don't understand that. what do people achieve by that? if she was in rehab, she must have been getting better. >> reporter: how did the gun get inside this building? >> we will review our procedures to ensure our residents are safe. >> reporter: are you going to put a metal detector in here? >> i can't comment about that at this point. >> reporter: the village offered to conduct a memorial service for al bert and an dra. >> thank you pat. >>> jury selection is under way in the trial of the woman accused of killing her co-worker. she told police they were attacked in a robbery. we have a look at some of the critical questions that jurors are being asked. chris? >> reporter: good evening. security is tight here at the courthouse. reporters had to undergo background checks. the judge in the case, robert greenburg issued this order with the rules of media
attack six years ago. chris gordon joinins us with mo on the story. chris? >> reporter: life in prison is the maximum sentence facing this suspect in this case. as a result of the stabbing that occurs here at target yesterday. the victim was loading groceries into her vehicle in the target parking lot when she attacked without prop indication according to court documents. she gave a written confession says she did not know the victim. she appeared by closed circuit tv from the detention center and was read her charges by the judge. first degree murder with a possibility of life sentence. they carry the possibility of seven years. after she was charged with stabbing two people in 2005 she was found not criminally responsible. she was sent to the mental hospital and released 60 days ago to a half way house. the new charges are being handled by the prince george's county state's office. >> we are concerned about her being dangerous. we certainly believe she poses a threat to the community and we would like to make sure she's not able to harm another citizen and she should be held for so l
the jury the murder was not planned. news 4s chris gordon joins us live with the latest developments today. chris? >> reporter: all this happened during opening statements. the jury of six men and six women were selected this morning, sworn in and then heard from the prosecution and the defense with very differing views of what the evidence will show or prove. jana murray's family came to court wearing lapel buttons with her picture. britney norwood lied about two assail ents coming in the night of march 11th. the prosecutor said the boogeyman did not exist. the facts were provided to distract police away from where the blame belongs. she stared ahead, showing no expression. she suffered 107 defensive wounds, the most the state medical examiner has ever seen. wounds from multiple weapons. norwood called murray at 9:51, after the store closed because she left her wallet behind. witnesses heard them and one say oh, god, please help me. they said for the first time publicly, there was a horrific fight. jana was killed by britney. there was no premedication. she lost it. she lost control. she
comes to washington. chris gordon joins us live from freedom plaza with a preview. chris? >> reporter: occupy d.c. here at freedom plaza located on pennsylvania avenue just up the street from the u.s. capital. occupy d.c. that's what they are calling it and they are focusing national attention on the financial crisis and how it is hurting people in this country. dozens of demonstrators participating in occupy d.c. taking part in peace keeping training at a local church, working in groups to get their message out to avoid violence and confrontations with police. >> we see it as corporatism. it affects everything. we see it in health care where the health insurance industry controls everything. wall street controls everything. we want to see shifting power to the people. >> reporter: these participants will gather on thursday to send their message to congress. some of them are sleeping in mcpherson's square. jobs, not cuts, that was the cry on capitol hill at this demonstration sponsored by a group called "save the american dream." many support the goals of occupy d.c. this is made up o
. at issue today, a felony murder. a charge never used by prosecutors in this kind of case. his attorneys argued the crash was simply an accident, not murder. >> the evidence will show that he had no intention of causing this accident. he did not set out purposely to injure himself, the sister involved in the accident or anyone else. >> the two surviving sisters testifies. she remembered his car coming at me. i remember this huge impact. hearing sister connie ruth moaning. she lost her thumb in the accident and broke 14 bones. the accident left sister denise moasher dead. >> the devastation, yes. just seeing the ladies whose lives are changed forever and another life lost because of a careless act. >> reporter: investigators testified the blood alcohol level were.20 and they found 20 beer cans in his vehicle that morning. the judge took 15 minutes to find the defendant guilty of murder. >> i find the defendant guilty of felony murder. >> not pleased with the decision but it's a tragic decision. he continued to drive and drive in a dangerous manner. he took the life of an innocent person.
's when he was beaten. five people were arrested. the u.s. attorney's office determined there wasn't enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. they say the lawsuit will bring a degree of closure. >> it's not easy losing -- this is justice. we never stop anywhere until you get justice from the court. >> the family says even if they win, no money could replace their son. >>> after a seven week delay caused by hurricane irene, the martin luther king memorial is scheduled to be dedicated sunday morning. a crowd of 50,000 is expected. they are encouraging you to take metro and avoid driving near the title basin. tom sherwood has more with what you should know. >> there's a last minute frenzy to get everything done. the weather is going to be a lot better. there was a cool sound of water friday unlike in august. no threat of a hurricane to disrupt sunday's dedication. it will be played out in a large field along independence avenue. a crowd of more than 50,000 is expected. >> we'll be here early to see it. he meant a lot to americans. we capitalize on some of his ideas today. >> he was
near where it happened -- pat collins joins us live with more on this story. pat? >> reporter: jim, it's been 557 days since someone was murdered in the city of alexandria. this victim, a 40-year-old man, a life-long resident, he died in front of his friends. >> a friend of mine was telling him to hold on, you know, hold on. your family needs you, you know. a friend of mine standing over there saying bob, bob, hold on, you gonna be okay. >> reporter: last night, larry holmes watched his friend die. bob was just shot. he was lying here on the ground. he looked up, made the peace sign and then passed on. >> it's terrible. you know, for the community, it's real sad. >> reporter: the victim identified as bob corey mckneel lee. he was 40 years old. he runs his own trash collection business. he grew up in this part of alexandria. he has an 11-year-old son who lives here. last night, bob came back to his old neighborhood and it cost him his life. did he say anything after he was hit? >> no. help for his mom. he was saying mom, mom, mom. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> i don't know.
and causes. >> all of us are leaders in our own right dealing with our own issues. it's not so much organizations but individuals coming out and fighting for what they believe. >> reporter: you know, they are protesting on a lot of levels here. we showed you how they are cleaning up the wax on the plaza. they were using cut up bank cards to do it. that, too, was a form of protest. we are live in downtown, back to you. >> thank you, derrick ward. two events happening that will bring more people downtown. the taste of d.c. along pennsylvania avenue and the army ten miler at the pentagon. the race kicks off sunday. some 30,000 runners will participate. the course brings them around the national mall and back. thousands are expected to attend the taste of d.c. it's saturday through monday along pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 14th streets near freedom plaza where the protesters are camped out. >>> breaking news surrounding the grandmother convicted of killing her granddaughter. chilling evidence of the case has been released including a confession from carmella dela rosa. julie care
innocence. dna evidence used in the initial trial was unreliable. the jury, today, agreed. meredith kercher's mother sat silent. time served takes care of what she was charged with. the prosecutor can appeal this but only on very specific technical grounds. that does not seem likely to happen. amanda knox could be on a plane back to the united states before the night is over. jim, back to you. >> relief for that family. a long time coming. thank you. >>> the search is on for a man who opened fire in baltimore county. it happened just before noon in woodlawn. investigators say an employee was shot in a nearby wooded area. he was taken to the hospital and expected to be fine. >>> a northern virginia woman says she fought off two men who tried to abduct her. she says she was ambushed around 4:30 friday morning along scott drive in fairfax. police say the 21-year-old woman was walking her dog when two men approached her and started grabbing her clothing. she got away, ran back to her house. so far, no arrested. >>> federal safety inspectors return to a power plant to evaluate when it will be st
and challenged by an expert the commonwealth uses to argue insanity defenses. >> reporter: during the sentencing hearing that took place an hour ago, both of the parents took the stand and described how the loss of their little girl impacted their lives. no parent should see their child in a hospital. i don't get why she was there. she was just a little girl. again, the prosecution in this case seeking a maximum term of life in prison. the defense asked for the minimum term of 20 years. we'll let you know when the jury reaches a decision. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we're following more breaking news out of d.c. there's been a hit and run crash involving a pedestrian. it happened at 14th an upshur street northwest. we have a news crew on the way. we'll give you an update as soon as possible. another pedestrian was hit and killed on connecticut avenue northwest. police are trying to figure out what led up to that accident. the crash happened when a woman was walking to the zoo. she was in her 60s and in a crosswalk. the vehicle that hit her has diplomatic license plates. the driver was not a d
. a friend outside told us he is shocked. >> he is a friend, you know? i'm blown away by it. it's disheartening. he's not the person i knew. >> reporter: nbc 4 obtained the search warrant from where lopez was arrested and his wife's honda crv. his girlfriend was behind the wheel of the car when she crashed here. she told investigators she was driving her boyfriend's mother's car. mcquain's suv had her maryland registration and insurance information inside the front door pocket. there were two cell phones in the vehicle and 18 copies of a marriage certificate. at the hotel, police found a box cutter knife, a credit card belonging to jane mcquain, nine 100 dollar bills. he's waived extradition. the authorities in maryland make arrangements to come retrieve him. >> lopez spent time in prison before. over the years, he's had a slew of addresses in charlotte. his former roommate says she hasn't heard from him since he moved out of her home three months ago. >> it's scary, yeah. to know that i was that close with somebody. >> reporter: we may not know until tomorrow exactly when lopez
raids in d.c. and in northern virginia today. federal prosecutors tell us tonight that the staggering sum may be the largest case of procurement fraud in our nation's history. jane watrel joins us with details on this startling story. jane? >> it is amazing. until the arrests early today, prosecutors alleged that the four defendants live high to hog by role ex watches and home renovations until someone blew the whistle. federal agents raid the woodbridge home of michael alexander and now under arrest along with three others in a $20 million government bribery and kickback scheme. called the largest and most brazen act of its kind in u.s. history. >> this scheme is staggering in scope. and i think that it surprised all of us. i think it took tremendous teamwork to get to the depths of this and our investigation continues. >> reporter: the complex scam began four years ago and centers around an alaska native corporation called eyak in this complex in dulles. according to a federal indictment, alexander and kerry khan of alexandria, both employees of the u.s. army cor
are inside in an interior room. if you have a basement, that's where you want to be. you want to hear us or a national weather service radio. have those, too. more storms off to the east. a developing storm toward prince william county. right now, the prince william/fauquier line is moving across manassas in a half hour or so. the brentsville area, and another storm down to the south. this one right along and to the west of i-95 toward stafford county. right on down toward the south to the north of fredericksburg. stay with us here at nbc 4. we are going to continue to have the latest for you on the storms. we are not done. there's more storms developing down to the south and east that will eventually work their way into southern portions of southern maryland. they are dangerous storms. we are going to watch them for you here on nbc 4. we're going to toss it to you for a second. by the way -- >> yeah. >> in effect. that is very good news. the tornado warning has not been extended. i wouldn't be surprised to see it reissued. right now, we are under a watch, no warnings at this time. stay
they had some information but they won't say what it was. well, sometimes cops use cell phone histories to track a trail. they can do it days after the calls are made. now after this discovery the area turned into a major crime scene. they even brought in a fire truck to get overhead pictures to use in the investigation. curtis lopez is still being held in charlotte, north carolina. lopez, the estranged husband of jane mcquain. her body found in her germantown condo october 12th. she had been beaten and stabbed to death. lopez charged with first-degree murder in that case. he's now expected to be charged in the death of william mcquain. william, missing since september 30th. >> now on the scene here today william's half brother and his old football coach. we'll hear from them coming up at 6:00. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, pat. among those who showed up at the crime scene today were william mcquain's 30-year-old half brother marcus coleman who says he never met the young boy. also at the scene was his former football coach who along with her children have known mcquain for years.
norwood asked the judge to prohibit prosecutors from using the graphic images in its opening statement to the jury because the pictures they argued would be more prejudicial than probative. lewis simmons has been practicing criminal law in montgomery county for 35 years. >> so, the jury right from the get go understands the nature of the wounds and the nature of the transaction and, of course, the prosecution wants to have the jury tilting immediately towards the prosecution. >> reporter: the jury doesn't get to choose what they see or hear. we asked some people in rockville if they were serving on this jury would they want to be shown the graphic pictures? >> just because i think it would make clear to me what the crime, how the crime was committed and, you know, that's just my feeling is that i would want to see it. i wouldn't like to see them, but, of course, i think it would be important to really get a picture of what happened. >> reporter: jayna murray's former roommate from their days at george washington university came to court to watch the proceedings. >> i hope it'
recovered. she was here today and told us she's upset with the jury's decision. how are you feeling right now with the jury's decision? >> a little disappointed. well, a lot of disappointment, i guess. i was hoping that, you know, they would find her guilty on manslaughter charge. i feel blessed to be here. i probably would have been gone, too, had i not had good doctors and surgeons on me. at this point, we are really trying to just make it visible as to what's happened here, make people aware of what's going on and what tragedies can happen with cell phones. >> reporter: now, she walked away from the courthouse. she must pay a $500 fine and received at least one point on her driving record according to prosecutors. the calahan family is going to continue to push for stiffer penalties for people who drive around and text. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. >>> a special education teacher from montgomery county awas arrested. between july and december of last year, he solicit ed detectives. he teaches kids with autism at meadow hall elementary in rockville. >>> there was a lot of excit
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